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CENTRAL HVAC INSTALLATION Other than purchasing the correct heating and air conditioning system, the most important choice when it comes to HVAC installation is who installs it. Many homeowners are under the impression that the brand of the AC is what makes the difference, but that’s only half of the equation. Choosing the right company for your install ensures that your cooling system is working at the highest level of efficiency possible, so you can have even temperature zones, lower electric bills, and a long-lasting cooling system!

You can find the latest high efficiency-rated systems with Ecosmart Development & Construction. The most efficient models are rated on an annual basis. Energy efficient systems are ranked on many places, while your local HVAC contractor can guide you as well. As for the most efficient types of systems, these include:

  • Split System Heat Pumps: In addition to being affordable, a split heat pump system is efficient because it provides heat control for one area. The heat is then transferred to the desired location using a blower and ducts. Cooled or heated air can be moved to different zones, so only the most used areas get the conditioned air they need.

  • Mini Split Heat Pumps: These ductless systems pull heat from outside air and can produce cool air as well. Up to eight indoor units can be connected to an outdoor appliance. Heat is delivered to the indoor components via a blower. Mini splits are unique in that no energy is wasted to create heat; heat is instead obtained from existing sources. Newer units apply inverter technology for automatic temperature adjustments.

  • Geothermal Heat Pumps: Use heat from the ground or a water source, which is present during any season. The temperature below ground is fairly constant throughout the year. In a geothermal heat pump, refrigerant condenses the heat and transfers it into your home. This works even in the summer. The pump can take heat from inside your home and reverse the process by transferring it into the ground. It requires no fuel or electricity.


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