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Accessory Dwelling Unit 

If you own a property, but you want to get more out of it, constructing an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) can provide a steady stream of extra income and increase your property’s value. However, finding a high-quality ADU contractor will go a long way in ensuring the construction process runs as smoothly as possible. At EcoSmart Development & Construction, we offer high-quality and affordable ADU contractor service in the Los Angeles area. Our team are happy to advise on the best way to build your ADU. It’s important to note that this space doesn’t need to be anything extravagant

What is an ADU and why should i consider it?

An Accessory Dwelling Unit, also known as an ADU, is an additional unit on a single-family property. An ADU may or may not be attached to the primary building. Typically, ADU conversions are smaller than the main family home having a maximum allowable size of 1200 square feet or 50% of the homes living area, whichever is less. Finally, ADUs are fully independent living spaces, equipped with their own electrical sub-panel, air-conditioning and heating unit, plumbing and hot water heater, kitchen and bathroom.

Types of ADU include, a detached garage conversion ADU, an attached ADU above garage conversion, attic conversion, and finally an attached garage conversion. Preferred Home Builders is a specialist in ADU Garage Conversions in the Los Angeles area.

The state law governing Garage Conversions for Los Angeles gave homeowners the right and opportunity to build a secondary dwelling onto their existing property. On September 27th, 2016, Governor Brown signed two accessory dwelling unit bills into State law, Assembly Bill (AB) 2299 and Senate Bill (SB) 1069 that amended the State’s existing second unit law (Government Code Section 65852.2). These amendments to the existing second unit law went into effect on January 1, 2017.

These secondary units, now called accessory dwelling units (ADUs), have been identified by the State as providing an important housing option to both potential renters and homeowners. They typically cost less than other types of housing, provide convenient housing for family members, help ease a severe rental housing deficit, maximize limited land resources and existing infrastructure, and assist homeowners with supplemental income.

The opportunity is clear, this newly converted living space can be used as a rental property and adds to the livable square footage area of your existing home. The net result is a converted garage space into a beautiful living area and an increased value of your home.

What are the main benefits of an ADU?

  • Converting an existing garage structure

  • Affordable construction on existing land

  • Provides additional source of income through renting the unit

  • Provides flexibility and independence to families with aging parents

  • Cost-effective way of adding additional living space to your home

  • Adds a private, independent area for extended family or friends

Garage Conversion as an investment

  • Immediately adds value to your existing property when the project is complete

  • Leverage the new living space as a rental to supplement monthly revenue

  • Use it as a multi-generational suite or guest house, providing an option to parents, relatives or friends to stay with you with added privacy and comfort

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